Wednesday, August 10, 2011

VZ Troubles

The 45,000 union workers who are striking are going to cause a revenue stoppage at VZ. No new revenue will be added, but because VZ is NOT porting numbers, they won't lose that much revenue either. They may get tied up in lawsuits though.

I wrote a post at TMC about it's overall effect, but CLEC's aren't grasping the magnitude of the effect. CLEC orders won't get worked either! And I fear that CLEC repairs will take a lot longer. That will cost CLEC's in SLA payments and maybe lost customers. (The old, "It's not our fault" reply just doesn't hold water any more to customers.) One national CLEC just told me that FOC dates have been re-written to 12/30/2011!!

VZ just learned that copper was more profitable than FiOS! In this article, "Verizon Communications' new high-speed fiber optic network will never make as much money as its old copper network, an executive said on Wednesday." the executive was VZ CFO Shammo. VZ spent $23 billion on building FiOS network and TV facilities. Shammo goes on to admit that they clip copper.

VZ has it's issues but it stock went up!

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