Monday, July 04, 2011

Suing the ILEC

AstroTel, a CLEC in Sarasota (Florida), is suing Verizon for anti-trust. The complaint is here [PDF].

In February, 2010, Network Tallahassee, Inc. sued Embarq (now CenturyLink) for $10 Million in Florida Northern District Court "over persistent billing errors and other miscellaneous issues pertaining to every internet subscriber", according to DSLReports. I can't find how this turned out (yet).

In September of 2006, the Florida Attorney General filed a Joint Petition against BellSouth, Embarq and Verizon for billing charges not authorized by law and request for refunds or credits to consumers at the PSC. The AG was former Governor Charlie Crist. No idea how this PSC review worked out but my guess is dead letter bin.

A group of ISP's are not happy with all the ILEC billing errors. Some want to sue. As can be determined, this action isn't anything new (nor is the frustration unfounded). But you will need deep pockets, a big law firm, patience, meticulous notes and a paper trail.

TANGENT: What the Florida PSC does NOT regulate. It is one long list!

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