Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sales Tips for July

Upselling: a few upsell and sales management examples from Olive Garden! One simple lesson is to measure who upsells the most -- and reward that person. Upselling is how you keep a customer satisfied and add ARPU.

Some solid cold calling tips from INC magazine. One: "All prospects are not created equal," "who would make an ideal customer"? Two: "It's not about what you do, it's about how you help your customers!"

The same INC story gives some "common excuses prospects use to cut a phone call short, and how you can navigate past them." Objections are part of sales. It takes more than 7 touches (or contacts) to get a prospect to buy. Always Give Value first. Be Creative. Follow up, follow up, follow up!

There's two schools of sales thought: cold calling and door knocking work and no they don't. For transactional sales, they do. If you are creative, have a good script and value proposition, have a great list, it can work. iCore - Hosted Voice over Private Internet - built a sales force around Cold Calling. Here's the story (again in INC mag - why aren't you reading INC?)

This article talks about the sales process, the funnel, conversion and if that means your process and quota/goals are out of whack. How to tell if your salespeople or sales process is putting you out of business by Kevin Hourigan of Bayshore Solutions in Tampa.

Finally, Doing business with your out-of-office messages. "Because that out-of-office message comes back right away, and you know they're at their desks, reading email, because they just sent you one. How will you leverage that opportunity?" Solid ideas.

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