Thursday, July 07, 2011

Metro Ethernet and Resale

So in the world of the ISP or even the CLEC that just resells circuits in the former BST region, things are turning upside down. Wholesale DSL customers have been notified whether or not their contracts would be renewed after December 2011. For many that was no. This takes resale DSL off the table for quite a few ISP's in the 9-state region. There are options, like migrating to yet another aggregation firm like ITO.

Then this week Ma Bell notified the indirect sales channel that the pricing on Metro Ethernet was increasing. A lot. For example, 10 MB Premium Fixed MetroE was $720 on a 12 month contract under FCC. Now it will be $1350. M2M will be $1380.

If you have any MetroE contracts they must be re-termed by July 29th!!!! When it expires, it will revert to the new rate. No auto-renewals will be occurring.

"ICB contract and Term Payment Plan rates are not affected by the August 15 price adjustment. Month-to-month customers have the opportunity to subscribe to a new term plan or migrate to AT&T Switched Ethernet service. Solution Providers should be aware of this rate increase and the need for customers to proactively renew contracts."

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