Monday, July 04, 2011

FCC Issues Guidance on Net Neutrality

From the offices of Rini-Coran:

Below is a link to an FCC public notice released today that provides guidance on how broadband providers may seek to comply with the disclosure obligations of the FCC's open Internet obligations. Here's a brief summary of what's covered:

  • disclosure of network management practices at the "point of sale";
  • disclosure of network performance;
  • clarification that the disclosure examples provided in the FCC's order will suffice for compliance rather than simply being "not exhaustive";
  • disclosure for consumers to make informed choices will be sufficient for disclosures to edge providers;
  • examples of security measures that may inhibit broadband use (e.g., affect on email);
Here is the link to the PDF.

Trade press reports are saying that the FCC's Net Neutrality order will be sent to the Federal Register this week for publication, perhaps with the guidance notice included. The publication will trigger the time period for judicial review of the FCC's decision, and no doubt get some members of Congress re-focused on eliminating the rule through legislation or lack of funding.

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