Monday, July 18, 2011

Cyber Security is Your Value Add

I'm hearing a lot about stolen technology - like laptops and smartphones. I also read a lot about stolen data from even the best defense contractors and the CIA! So I would think that cyber-security would be a huge value-add to your customer base.

Start simple: Give seminars on protecting laptops. You probably have a story like this one: Lessons from a stolen Laptop. This will make you the Expert in Security in your area.

Next do Smartphones. In my crowd, someone seems to lose an iPhone once a week. (All those sexts with pics for anyone to see!)

There are many highlights:

  • Password management;
  • security software management;
  • data wipe software;
  • O/S updates;
  • Anti-Virus updates and scans;
  • lo-jack like Prey, which is open source.
Even the FCC thought consumer and Small Biz security was so significant that it convened a Cyber-Security Roundtable with public, private and non-profit leaders.

Here's a little more info for you from an article called Digital Defenses for Small Businesses. The highlights include firewall, secure Wi-Fi and cyber insurance.

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