Friday, June 24, 2011

What You Missed

A couple of articles are relevant to the discussion we had during my sessions in Atlanta. So you probably missed the Hiring Techs followed by Hiring Sales, which included some plain, simple hiring tips. One tip was to Always Be Recruiting. Clay at Georgia Business Net says that he networks to find his future employees. An article from a VC today: "Recruiting is proactive, is reactive."

The other session was about online marketing and going local. You sell Local as your value, but how Local are you? Are you on Google, Bing, Yahoo local search results? Have you taken over your Google business profile? There are some other things that you should ask yourself:

  • Do you have a Facebook page for your business?
  • Have you Googled yourself to see what others say about you?
  • Have you checked customer vent sites?
  • Do you have a forum on DSL Reports?

Get Satisfaction is working to become the customer review and vent site. It has gotten some bad press. Now it has an app that takes over your online reputation. Read about it here. You will need to have as much online content that is positive as you can. User reviews, employee stories, charity tie-ins, press releases, a blog, etc. It is time consuming, but it will be worth it. (Spread the duties out over a bunch of employees.)

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