Monday, May 23, 2011

No Muni in NC

In Muni news, Time Warner Cable and ATT win big as the governor of North Carolina will not veto the Anti-Municipal Broadband Bill. The Duopoly wins. Citizens lose.

"North Carolina has the dubious distinction of having seven of the ten worst deals for broadband Internet service in the nation according to a study by," [from TJS]

I'm not really pro-Muni or anti-Muni. I think Public-Private can work. I also think that the Duopoly combined with ILEC consolidation means that broadband speed and penetration lose. Competition is required.

And as someone who looks at the whole picture, our nation needs, needs, needs Broadband in order to be economically viable. Cities or counties without broadband lose jobs, businesses, taxes and opportunity. (There are many studies to back up that claim.)

A list of states that have Anti-Muni BB laws.

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