Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Hiring Isn't Easy

Good thoughts from this blog post: Why We Hire the Wrong Person.

Hiring is easy right?

  • Don’t hire @-holes: Check
  • Hire people who are referred by someone you trust: Check
  • Don’t believe everything in their resume: Check

No, it isn’t.

Hire Friendly First!

It goes beyond a job description, because that is just a list of duties and responsibilities - and skills if you were detailed enough in writing it. It doesn't answer what you are looking for.

  • What skills should the person have?
  • What experiences?
  • What capabilities?
  • What interpersonal skills do they need?
  • In the case of management: What is the leadership style?

I did a presentation on Hiring at the Service Provider Summit in Orlando. It's not the first time I have presented on Hiring. Here are the slides. It usually comes down to Business owners wanting to know where to find candidates and how to compensate sales people.

Where? It depends on the job. Craigslist may be good for Admin and entry level sales positions, but maybe not so good for technical. LinkedIn is good for professionals. Colleges are good for entry-level positions. Your employees and vendors are good places for referrals.

Jason Fried wrote How to Hire an Assistant.

If you are looking for a sales manager, think about this: If you promote your sales superstar to manager, you might say “We've lost our best salesperson and gained a lousy sales manager." If the best sales people do not make the best sales managers where do they come from?

If you need help (especially with designing a sales compensation plan), please call the office at 813-963-5884.

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