Friday, May 06, 2011

Help with VoIP Fulfillment

While VoIP Supply is best known for selling VoIP gear and phones, the parent company, Sayers Technology Holdings, has opened a division to help with Fulfillment.

Distribution partners can get you access to VoIP products, but only VoIP Fulfillment can take your operation to the next level. Based on over eight years of experience working with some of the largest (and smallest) VoIP providers in the industry, VoIP Fulfillment has built a suite of services a top infrastructure that has processed over $150,000,000 in VoIP equipment orders during the last six years.

Whether you are looking to ship out 100 devices or 100,000 the VoIP Fulfillment team has the experience, expertise and back-end infrastructure to assist you in a multitude of ways – from warehousing stock to configuring your devices and processing your returns. Heck, VoIP Fulfillment can even help you with your customer acquisition program through our service provider leads program!

For more information please call Mike Russo at 800.398.8647 X3407 or visit

The company has also developed a buy-back program called Reclaim Equipment Buyback Program has been increased threefold to $3 million dollars. In December 2009, VoIP Supply announced the introduction of their equipment buyback program called Reclaim. Customers were offered a channel to sell used or excess VoIP equipment to recoup some of their initial investment or to help offset the cost of their new technology purchases.

Sayers wants to be the primary component of the VoIP ecosystem for VoIP Providers. Gear, fulfillment and resell. I liked VoIP Supply even before they bought this ad.

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