Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hosted Video Recording Solution

Ran across a VAR that is offering Hosted Video Recording Solution. It sounds like Network DVR but with a better marketing sound.

"Data Flow offers a hosted subscription based video surveillance solution with off site storage. For a monthly subscription fee you get all the advantages of an I.P. based video surveillance solution while eliminating prohibitive costs, complexity and maintenance. A video surveillance solution that can be viewed, operated and managed via a secure web browser from anywhere the internet is available. No additional hardware or software needed."

UPDATE: It turns out that this isn't new. Seimitsu in Savannah has been selling video surveillance for a while. Today, I noticed that it is called Hosted DVR, Hosted Video Recording, Managed Video Hosting, and even HVaaS (Hosted Video as a Service). AXIS is one vendor for the hardware, but there are others (HERE and HERE, for example). And Tech Data, SYNNEX, etc.

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