Monday, March 07, 2011

Why Don't We Have Faster Broadband?

The NY Times writes that Hong Kong has faster broadband than the US - and its cheaper too! One reason for that is that Hong Kong has greater population density. I heard former FCC Chairman K-Mart say that it's fair to compare US broadband globally at ITEXPO. My response was, "So how come Manhattan doesn't have Seoul's broadband speed and price, Kevin?" [Mind you, this was posted to the live twitter wall directly behind Kevin Martin as he was on stage being interviewed by Rich Tehrani, Publisher of TMC, at ITEXPO in Miami Beach in February, 2011]

Dane Jasper, CEO of Sonic.Net, wrote a whole blog post about Why your Broadband is so slow. He points out that broadband is deployed in America to almost everyone, because the ILEC's chose to utilize resale satellite broadband to cover areas that DSL would not. And while we do HAVE broadband, not really based on the new FCC definition of broadband (4MB x 1MB). And the price is ridiculously high for the little bit of bandwidth. I won't even rant about metered usage (on cable and satellite) or the whole mobile data universe.

Entrenched business models. Monopolistic thinking. And executives with an eye only on the stock price. Duopoly means no real competition. Four reasons we have a slowed down economy actually. Think about it.

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