Friday, March 25, 2011

Slow Growth Doesn't Mean Slow Thinking

The FCC report says that Broadband Growth is slowing to 1%. It's has been a take away game for the Duopoly for a while. Cable modem to xDSL to cellular. There was an article in the USA Today yesterday about Starbucks having to think outside the box for revenue growth since its own growth has slowed.

5 Lessons for you from Starbucks

The term "think outside the box" is over-used, but the concept is not. Most people do NOT think outside the box. Seeing a company mix ECT with hearing aids is outside the box. Seeing a company combine VDI (virtual desktop) with SAAS, storage, fixed wireless, 3G and Metro E is outside the box bundling. Seeing some of the defense start-ups work on bomb detection is OTB. Learn from other industries, especially from non-tech industries like food. It will help you think outside the tech box.

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