Tuesday, February 08, 2011

So You Want to be a CLEC?

At the Service Provider Summit in Orlando at the end of March, one of the sessions will be titled: So You Want to be a CLEC? This session is to go over what you need to consider before becoming a CLEC; Why you would want to become a CLEC; and the steps to take to become one.

This preso is one I borrowed from different sources including Jim Hollis when he was at IBC and ISG-Telecom (from presentations that they gave from 2001-2005).

To become a CLEC, you can do the paperwork yourself; hire a telecom attorney to walk you through the process (call if you need one); or hire a consultant like Joyce Gailey at KG Partners (office # 727-822-8310) to help you.

If you need a business plan or a marketing plan, please contact RAD-INFO INC at 813-963-5884. Thank you.

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