Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Tidbits

Lightsquared LTE Network Clears One Hurdle - FCC Will Grant Waiver For Spectrum Conditions

The Rural Smart Grid Opportunity, from the SmartGrid Summit @ITEXPO in Miami Beach next week.

Tale of the trench: what if your subdivision laid its own fiber? [ARS]

Quote of the Day: "Good, fast, or cheap… pick two.” — Old Adage

Global IPv4 Counter Hits Zero [Light Reading]. "It is necessary for everybody to start implementing IPv6 as soon as possible," Ladid says, via an e-mail interview."

"In February 2010, the NTIA awarded a $126.3 million grant to the Executive Office of the State of West Virginia to improve the state’s broadband infrastructure. The grant was part of the federal government’s broadband stimulus. The state came up with an additional $33.5 million." [muniwireless] WV's Broadband Plan is here on scribd.

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