Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More News Than I Can Get To

I'm looking at my bookmarks going, "Sheesh! I will never get to all these blog posts!" There are just so many tidbits of info, data, knowledge around that I wanted to share. So here are the bookmarks:

Truth Be Told: Small VARs, MSPs Already Living In the Cloud! "Within the managed services market, I think it’s safe to say roughly 10,000 VARs and MSPs run PSA (professional services automation) software — a type of CRM, marketing and financial system purpose-built for solutions providers. The total PSA user base within the channel is roughly 100,000 to 130,000 unique users."

SIP Trunking Pre-Deployment Best Practices. Thoughts include Security and Interoperability.

Cable's Urgent Need to Win Business Customers. "In the U.S. over the last decade, the cable industry has invested more than $130 billion in advanced network infrastructure to support next-generation services. ... In the U.S., cable companies score 5 to 10 percent revenue contribution from businesses – at best – while many telecom operators pull in 35 percent of revenue from the sector." Biggest pain for telco biz customers: Billing Issues!

A follow-up story: Cable's $5B Biz Services Bonanza

Top 10 Technology Security Trends for 2011. Even Macs will have security issues in 2011. Security will be the Buzz in 2H 2011.

REFERRALS (by Duct Tape Dude): Basically, "If you want to get a steady stream of referrals, you need a plan. It’s not enough to simply design a referral plan, you also have to design the processes and routines necessary to operate the plan."

10 Reasons Prospects Won’t Do Business With You (Most of it is they don't know you or what your Value is).

3 Biggest Worries About Mergers: Broadband, Network Maintenance and Competition.

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