Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just a Bunch of Stuff

Lots of M&A, see here and here. ONE Communications is up for auction with Paetec and EarthLink the rumored leading bidders. EarthLink has renamed New Edge Networks to EarthLink Business after it combined NEN with Deltacom. Where does ELN get the $$? Dial-up is still throwing off cash for ELN. BTW, this is funny. EarthLink Business is calling itself a Managed Services Provider. Um, managed router with network monitoring doesn't make you an MSP. Just saying.

CenturyLink is still working out merger conditions for its Qwest deal. It got a cableco and Integra to cave win with a brand new wholesale contract.

The Comcast-NBCU merger is still under scrutiny.

Sonic.Net which started as an ISP in California has now partnered with Google! Sonic.Net will manage Google's FTTH experiment near Standford, CA. (see here and here).

VZW is partnering with DirecTV to use LTE as the fixed wireless broadband solution in some rural areas. DTV will install an LTE antenna on the home and use inside wiring to provide LTE delivered broadband. (see story here).

Summary of my blog on TMC On RAD's Radar:

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And because everyone says I can't write anything nice: Accolades

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