Monday, November 01, 2010

Florida Phone Report

The Florida PUC put out its utility report (download PDF here). Here are some highlights from 2007 data:

  1. Florida has 10 incumbent local exchange companies (ILECs)
  2. Florida has 311 competitive local exchange companies (CLECs)
  3. ILEC's lost 12% of lines
  4. CLEC's lost 5% of lines

It takes over 300 CLEC's plus an untold number of ITSP's to take 12% of the market from the 10 ILEC's. That's crazy.

Other licensed carriers in Florida:

  • 504 inter-exchange (long distance) companies (IXCs)
  • 146 pay telephone service companies (PATS)
  • 29 alternative access vendors (AAVs)
  • 23 shared tenant service providers (STS)

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