Friday, November 12, 2010

Change is Challenging

I spend a lot of time writing about ISP's thinking beyond DSL and simple broadband. Some ISP's resent my so-called "DSL Bias".

I understand that Change is Challenging. In fact, it sucks. You have to move to an uncomfortable area and do things that you do not want to do.

Some ISP's have said, "Hey! I still make a good bunch of money off Dial-up!" So does NetZero and EarthLink, but if you notice carefully both companies have used that cash from dial-up to diversify. UnitedOnline that owns NetZero owns a bunch of other businesses including FTD. EarthLink owns New Edge Networks, tried Muni Wi-Fi, partnered with SKT for the MVNO cell company Helio, and finally bought Deltacom. Have you used the cash from dial-up or broadband to expand your portfolio?

Business has picked up for my training/speaking business. Surprisingly, Incumbants are the ones hiring me. ILEC's and Cable companies are experiencing competition for the first time. The Duopoly have both had their core business attacked - and had to move into new products and services. Big Changes, especially for Telcos.

I am reminded that both the music business and the movie business saw disruption happening, but tried to stymie it. How did that work out? Just saying.

It takes 18 months at a minimum for a new plan to kick in. Shouldn't you start planning and acting now? Instead of waiting until you get choked off next December?

Change is Challenging. But it happens all the time and while you don't have to embrace it, you do have to recognize it and act accordingly.

BTW: saw this on twitter: "What has your phone guy done for you lately? Have a Nortel Meridian PBX, CS1000, BCM, Norstar: incentives to upgrade. [link]" Not bad.

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