Monday, November 01, 2010

The 8x8 Example

8x8 owns Packet8 hosted VoIP service. They recently picked Polycom as their phone vendor. (I wonder who they used before that). Packet8 -- Speakeasy also -- have typically grabbed deals of 25 and less handsets. Well, Packet8 just grabbed a 160 handset deal.

I tell you this for a couple of reasons:

  1. The deals are out there, go get them!
  2. Packet8 (and Speakeasy) get them via their website and online marketing.
  3. Are you doing PR (or any marketing so that your company's brand name gets out there)?

Another example is Cbeyond (I know, I know) from Telecom Ramblings:

"Out in San Diego, CBeyond profiled a new SMB customer: Diego & Son. They had previously used a cable connection for their bandwidth, but the printing business is now using CBeyond’s voice, broadband, mobile, and security solutions, including data backup. Sounds exactly like the kind of customer CBeyond aims for." [The press release is keyword optimized in the title: "Security, Data Back-Up and Mobile Solutions from Cbeyond Deliver Picture-Perfect Small Business Communications Portfolio to San-Diego Based Printer. Family-Owned Diego & Son Printing Maintains Maximum Business Continuity with Cbeyond"]

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