Thursday, October 28, 2010

To the Vendors

I get hounded by companies to sell to the ISP space. Sometimes they mean the big guys (list here). That's not my database.

Other times they just want anyone to sell their stuff. And without ISPCON, where do they go?

FISPA Vendors have come to me for advice on how to get traction. Here's my advice:

The DSL Resellers will NOT sell your services or products for 2 reasons. One, they want to do it all themselves (box huggers). They are techies and like building things that they have control over. (Yes, I know, control is an illusion but whatever). Two, they are techies, NOT salespeople, so they are not comfortable with the notion of selling - your stuff or theirs.

Build versus Buy. VAR's (value added resellers) understand the buy it over build it. Faster to market. No lost opportunity cost. Less risk. Leverage.

There is a portion of the ISP Market that is just too darn busy to pay attention. They have a solid business plan. They are sticking to their knitting. And as Gary Vee says, They are Crushing It! When they stop to breathe, maybe they will pay attention.

Think about these things:

Why should the ISP listen? And don't say money. Most can't sell stuff, so it needs to be about the end user.

How easy do you make it - to try it, use it, fix it, bill it, and get the end user to buy it?

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