Saturday, October 09, 2010

So Much News

Besides merger mania with EarthLink buying Deltacom and Neutral Tandem buying Tinet and Paetec acquiring CavTel, Google is shutting down the free service, GOOG-411 on November 11th. If you need DA service, give me a call at (813) 963-5884 because I have 2 vendors.

Why do customers leave? 68% due to service (or being ignored). Don't let your customers just see you as a line item on the credit card statement!

Both rounds of BTOP and BIP ended on September 30. The last winners were announced here.

AT&&T even told the FCC NO to dark fiber, even for E-Rate. BTW, there were some changes made to E-Rate at the FCC. (More at Benton)

Meanwhile, AT&T has more than $9.7 billion of debt coming due in the next year that it either must pay off or refinance. Altogether, the service provider held about $70 billion in debt at the end of the second quarter, with $60.3 billion of that made up of long-term debt. [Phone+]

5 Prospecting Ideas via podcast (mp3)

Keyon bought the assets of CommPartners from Bankruptcy court for $4M (I have been saying $2M -- it was double that).

A lot going on! Stay up on it by getting on my listserv (send me an email) or following this blog (via RSS or as a weekly newsletter or by email as it is posted. As always if you need transit or transport (or even 411/DA services) call the office at 813-963-5884.

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