Thursday, September 02, 2010

Broadband Dips As Regulation Approaches

"The nation's largest cable and telecommunications providers hit a new low in the number of new broadband subscribers they signed up in 2Q 2010. Additions were the fewest in any quarter over the past nine years, according to a recently released report by Leichtman Research Group Inc." [FierceTelecom]

Has it flattened out? Don't some stats show that mobile broadband is growing?

Let's look at that for a second. BROADBAND. The new FCC definition of Broadband is 4MB x 1MB. Hence, most mobile data and wireline DSL is NOT broadband. Most DSL is under 4MB, with even few DSL circuits having upload speeds of 1MB.

So if it doesn't meet the FCC definition of Broadband, does the FCC get to regulate it? Just wondering.

According to FCC Commish Copps, the FCC lost with a Title I defense against Comcast, but will likely win with a Title II defense. Read short editorial here.

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