Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Happens to the Resi Model

With the wholesale DSL resale model slipping away, what happens to the Resi ISP model? Well, that's a tough one because the duopoly triple-play has been squeezing that for a while. Most Resi ISP's can't really move to a managed services role, because consumers don't pay for that.

Option one: cross-sell as many affiliate services as you can like Netflix, entertainment hardware, and smart-home services. Work with alarm companies and satellite services to enhance the revenue from every consumer. That means a lot of marketing. And partners, which ISP's hate. Sorry.

Option two: resell Clearwire 4G as well as cellular services as an affiliate. Again though, this becomes a sales and marketing model, which is not the forte for most of the ISP crowd.

So what to do? Every ISP business is a little different, but all of them have to change now. It's time to re-think it.

What skills do you have? What do you like doing? What opportunities are in your market? Could you buy another business - like a WISP could buy a DirecTV shop to maximize its strengths. These are the things to think about. Need help? The first 15 minutes are no-charge if you set an appointment.

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