Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Single Pipe Acquired and VoIP Numbers

So Single Pipe, Broadsoft based VoIP Provider, was acquired by IBBS. FierceVoIP says, "Targeting the niche five to 20 employees business market niche, the combined company's commercial offering includes hosted apps like email, data backup and security." LightReading writes, "IBBS CEO Dave Keil said the deal was done because its customers were telling IBBS they were looking for a single provider to support multiple facets of their businesses."

According to GigaOm, telcos are losing more than just the voice lines, they are also losing the broadband subs. That would explain the new AT&T Naked DSL promotion.

It's getting crazy competitive out there in residential as well as very small business (under 20 employees).

And to add to that Intel has decided to add IP-PBX to the Hybrid Cloud. Now competition is coming not just from the Asterisk dudes or the slick PBX guys (Avaya, Shore-Tel, Mitel), but Hosted PBX providers and now Intel!

Meanwhile, "Comcast has added 230,000 VoIP customers for the quarter, which is actually down from adding 233,000 last year. Sure, it's not exponential growth, but its still growth. The company saw Q2 end with 47.7 million total voice, Internet and television customers and 8.1 million total voice customers. Those numbers make Comcast the U.S.'s third largest residential phone company." [FierceVoIP]

The VoIP market is heating up with M&A and crazy marketing.

Also, you have competitors like Bandwidth.com, Phone.com, Google Voice, Ringio, Oovoo and Skype.

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