Sunday, August 15, 2010

Progress is Being Made

"As a general rule, whenever you hear special-interest groups using near-hysterical language to warn that some proposal will destroy jobs, snuff out innovation and end free-market capitalism as we know it, you can generally assume that progress is being made." from the Benton Foundation.

Seth Godin had something similar to say this morning: "I've talked to brand stewards from JetBlue and Starbucks that could go deep or wide or detailed for hours. ... Then compare these passionate leaders to a pundit, spin doctor or troll (for just about any cause du jour) being interviewed on TV. After three sentences, they run out of assertions, facts or interesting things to say. ... There's a lot to be said for being deep, scientific and informed."

First, Benton is supporting the FCC's Third Way option. (An interesting take on the Third Way). (NCTA suggestion). Now, I know that some of you may be up in arms about this. It isn't so much about Internet Neutrality. It is about Access to the Internet Neutrality. Everyone needs to have a fair shake or innovation and start-ups will have no hope going forward. And small business and start-ups ARE the engine of growth for America. Any time the Duopoly has been for something, it has meant disaster for you.

BTW, the VZ-Google noise was over cellular data, which is NOT regulated. Hardly anything cellular is regulated, except for the taxes!

BTW, for all the folks screaming about socialism, Corporate America is running the show and they aren't exactly Socialists. CorpUSA has been in charge for years - every law that gets passed helps some Industry make money. People are knee-jerk reacting to pundits (who also make money by spouting off and riling up the masses). It's an ugly circus.

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