Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ma Bell U-Verse Strategy

Ma Bell has picked some Solution Providers (master agents) to door knock for U-Verse. Since one in Texas is offering $200 per day, I'd say it's going to be profitable for the Solution Provider, probably not so much for Ma Bell.

Lauderdale is another area being targeted since Jobing has an ad here.

Things are about to heat up for Cable companies and ISP's in U-Verse communities. Once someone is cut over to U-Verse (even my mistake or by sales magic from the door knocker), that address is removed from the DSL Look-up tool. That means the ISP can't sell to that address later (maybe through a hassle but likely not even then).

Today is DSL Resale Day at RAD-INFO where we are trying to help ISP's figure out the next move -- or in some cases that the ISP needs to HAVE a next move.

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