Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cbeyond Makes a Little Money

Cbeyond had a big quarter with $112M in revenue. Net income was like $148,000. Whoops. Operating expenses equal their revenues.

Maybe it's deal with Clearwire for 4G will add revenue, but I doubt it will add anything to the net income. MVNO is for stickiness and to take a bigger share of the total telecom spend of the client. It has nothing to do with income.

Other interesting numbers from Yahoo Biz Wire:

  • Total customers of 53,518 in Cbeyond’s 13 operating markets, reflecting net customer additions of 1,787 in 2Q2010;
  • Average monthly revenue per customer location (ARPU) of $708 during 2Q2010 - compared with $723 in 1Q2010 and $748 in 2Q2009. Sliding.
  • Monthly customer churn of 1.4% in 2Q2010 - same as 1Q2010;

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