Friday, August 20, 2010

Apparently No One Knows What I Do

I have been getting this a lot lately: What do I do? Well, let me explain.

I Still Sell Circuits

From DSL (from the likes of New Edge or MegaPath) to Private Lines (from about 20 carriers including XO, Level3, AT&T, NITEL, and Qwest) to MPLS to Internet Bandwidth (from over 20 carriers, including Global Crossing and resellers) to fiber (from FiberLight, Level3, XO, AboveNet, 360 and more).

Also, if you are getting into the voice game, I can help you with all the pieces like E-911, LNP, CNAM, DID's, Origination, Termination, long distance, and even the softswitch.

Even fixed wireless and 4G are available.

  • DSL
  • T1, DS3
  • P2P and Private Line
  • MPLS
  • VPN
  • Internet Bandwidth
  • fiber
  • Dedicated Long Distance
  • SIP Trunks
  • VoIP Origination/Termination
  • E-911, LNP, DID's
  • Fixed Wireless
  • Cellular and 4G

As a service provider, sometimes you want some help putting all the pieces together to keep ahead of the wave. That's where I come in. Whether you are an NSP, MSP, ISP, CLEC, ILEC, MSO/cableco, Wireless, VoIP, Hosting company, I can help you with Strategy. What is working, what isn't. What to look at next.

I have helped companies build an indirect sales channel.

Companies have come to me to assist with hiring sales people. With training them, too.

Marketing plans for master agencies, VoIP Providers, CLEC's, ISP's and Wireless providers have been successful. For example, the typical response rate for direct marketing is less than 1%. Some campaigns have delivered 20%. It's about targeting. Sharpshooter, not machine gun. Bullets are expensive.

Social Media is the new buzz. Clients have hired me to guide them on social media as well as the rest of the online marketing landscape -- and most important, how we tie all that online marketing into great messages that garner leads.

This past week was spent giving training to an ILEC and a CLEC on sales, marketing and customer service. If you say that your service is your differentiation, this hour long class for all your employees will give them a new perspective on how customer care affects sales. More importantly, customer care is part of marketing.

Hedge funds, Wall Street types, and others have called to talk to me about the telecom industry, especially the CLEC market place. Who is doing what. Who has a good plan. And more. Why? I watch this industry like a hawk.

So circuits, marketing, sales training, sales management, strategy, and planning are just some of the ways you can hire me to help your company not just survive, but thrive.

I periodically offer webinars to the public. As my blog can attest, I really do enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise with folks in the industry. You can catch me live at some industry conferences (see the schedule here). Or you can purchase an MP3 of available webinars; a video of my training session titled "How to SELLECOM Hosted PBX"; or a copy of my book, SELLECOM. If you want to design training or a webinar tailored specifically for your company, please call the Hotline: 800-779-0864.

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