Monday, July 12, 2010

Windstream Hires AXIOM

"AXIOM Sales Force Development announces today that Windstream Communications, a leading provider of telecommunications services, has agreed to implement AXIOM's Selling Sciences Program for their business-to-business sales organization." [businesswire]

If a company like Windstream is spending money on sales training for the Nuvox people, why aren't you?

One note is that Windstream may understand that selling managed services, Hosted PBX and other IP-based services is not plug-n-play, and the skills involved in selling that are way different that how Nuvox previously sold T1's.

As we reach the halfway point, where are you on quota? Jeffrey Gitomer has a YouTube video about Mid-Year review here.

Are you hoping that you will hire a new sales pro who will run out and close biz for you without training and minimal supervision?

Are your sales folks networking; quoting; filling a funnel; and handing out 200 biz cards?

More important: Do your sales people think that your services are THEE answer to prospects' problems?

I have 3 Tele-Seminars coming up to help you polish up those sales skills (or to sharpen your sales team). See the schedule on the right or on my website. If you have suggestions or comments, please let me know. Thanks!

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