Sunday, June 06, 2010

What's the CEO's job?

What is the CEO's job?

Strategy and Decision making are the key responsibilities of the CEO.

Mainly, the CEO has to be the keeper of the vision."

"The CEO doesn’t have to be the creator of the vision. Nor does she have to be the creator of the story. But she must be the keeper of the vision and the story. As such, the CEO ensures that the company story is clear and compelling. ... The story is not the mission statement; the story does not have to be succinct. It is the story. Companies can take as long as they need to tell it, but they must tell it and it must be compelling. A company without a story is usually a company without a strategy." [ben's blog]

The CEO has to be the Executioner. It isn't just about decisions and strategy. It's about delivering results. To deliver results, you must be able to execute - or at least put people in place who can execute. Execution may be under-rated but as I say Ideas are Free - they are everywhere - but until you put them into place, you haven't done anything.

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