Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Knowing Your Numbers

Understanding True Costs

True costs are an important calculation for pricing in order that services are not priced below the actual costs of providing those services. Recently, in discussions with quite a few ISPs, it was brought to my attention that the numbers they were using as a basis for pricing were incomplete. Here is an examination of factors that can influence the true costs of goods.

Costs to consider when calculating

the true costs of providing DSL service

  • ATM
  • DSL circuit
  • taxes
  • IP Bandwidth
  • Router equipment lease
  • CPE
  • Installation of DSL circuit
  • Truck roll
  • Credit card charges
  • Bad debt (1.5 - 3%)
  • Billing ($1.50 - $3)
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Marketing, Advertising & Sales budget
  • Referral payments
  • Payroll for sales, customer service, admin, tech
  • Tech support costs including phones, PBX, desks, PCs
  • Mail server
  • USENET service
  • Collocation
  • Rent, electric, utilities
  • Backup Dial-up account
  • ATM circuit install
  • Profit margin
  • Back office (rent, office equipment, software, phones, utilities)
If you were pricing out wireless access, there are similar factors, plus:
  • insurance
  • tower climbing
  • tower rental
  • IP or connectivity to tower
  • radios & CPE
  • financing
  • truck roll
  • tools & extra equipment
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