Sunday, June 13, 2010

How to Add TV to Broadband

What do you do if you want to offer TV with your broadband service?

One way is to be agent for DirecTV or DISH Network.

Another way is to sell Internet TV capability. There's Apple TV is one hardware solution. D-Link's Boxee Box someday. Roku is another.[see CNET review here].

"Seeking a way to allow its broadband Internet customers innovative television options, CenturyLink has debuted retail availability of the Roku device, a small box that wirelessly streams content from the Internet to a customer’s TV," as the Johnson City Press reported.

Makes you wonder how VZ will ever pay for all that FiOS TV debt. (I wrote at TMC that I think FiOS is crushing VZ). Oh, wait, VZ is port blocking. I forgot that's legal now. That certainly stops over-the-top VoIP providers and Internet TV. Wall that garden! I'm sure Comcast and Companies will be following suit so that they can pay off the collective $100B in debt from DOCSIS upgrades.

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Dane Jasper said...

Another option is Skitter, they're doing some very interesting things.