Tuesday, May 11, 2010

VZ Screwed WV

From DSLReports a week ago, why VZ is selling West Virginia to Frontier (or the state of the rural copper plant in America).

"West Virginia is the last state standing in the way of Verizon's $8.5 billion plan to offload millions of unwanted DSL and landline customers to Frontier Communications. But the approval process there has been hard fought, due to Verizon's long history of neglecting infrastructure in the state. Employees and regulators for years now have highlighted how Verizon's pulled resources from West Virginia, resulting in eroding quality of service and support. This is from a 2006 report by the West Virginia PSC highlighting how Verizon couldn't care less about the state: "In rural areas of the state, miles of cable lie exposed in creek beds, along the ground or otherwise unprotected, according to officials with the state Public Service Commission’s consumer advocate division. ...Customer complaints are rising, and business clients have alleged Verizon is cutting regulatory corners."

So after watching Fairpoint's demise in New England, The WV PSC "ordered Verizon on Monday to set aside $72.4 million over the next four years to improve telephone landline service in West Virginia. The commission directed Verizon to put the money in an escrow account and use the funds to restore the state's copper-wire line network, maintain rights of way and hire more employees."

Then they approved the VZ-Frontier deal. Go figure. Only needs FCC approval at this point.

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