Thursday, May 06, 2010

Shift to Retention

"Gartner reports there has been a major shift in CEO priorities from early in 2009, switching from cutting costs to retaining customers and enhancing existing relationships." [channel insider]

For many service providers, they choose not to bother their customers. One problem: You become just a line item charge on their monthly credit card statement. You are just a number. A number to be shopped!

Spend some time in customer retention. Talk to your customers. Make sure that any nagging issues are resolved. Get a referral. Get a testimonial. Upsell them! Or cross-sell them some services that you can still get paid on. Make it sticky!

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Unknown said...

So many companies are ignoring social media as a strong customer service/retention tool. Sites like Facebook and Twitter enable consumers to instantly find out how a company treats their customers when there's a problem. Messages of both satisfaction and dissatisfaction can spread like wildfire through retweets and sharing. Not taking advantage of these opportunities leaves a company vulnerable unless they take a proactive stance. The good news is that customers will share their positive experiences as well.