Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Ways to Add Revenue

While thumbing through Phone+ magazine, I came across some ideas that Service Providers can add to their bundle to become a one-stop shop and to make extra money without the staffing and up-front costs.

One is Microsoft Hosted Apps in The Cloud. According to the Phone+ article, "[Microsoft] plans to match marketing funds, up to $1,000, to help demand generation for Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Services, its software as a service suite that includes Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Office Live Meeting and Office Communications Online. And through the end of June, Microsoft plans to match partner investment, up to $1,000, in the Online Services Ready-to-Go Marketing program. .... The incentives are on top of the $500 partners can earn for each new customer win of up to 25 seats with services and migrations to BPOS or standalone products, excluding Office Live Meeting. Additionally, partners that sign 10 25-seat-or-larger customers can earn an additional $5,000." That's some real cash for partnering with Microsoft.

Next is On-Hold Messaging which is now offered hosted by AMS. The article explains, "The service includes music and professional voice recordings for on-hold messaging, auto attendants and IVR systems. It works with newer IP-based systems that have embedded flash memory, or can work with a traditional PBX using external hardware, which is included with the subscription service at no charge. ... The messaging package includes four updates (including writing and voice talent) during the year for $59.95 per month; additional locations with the same messaging are $19.95 each per month. Multilocation businesses – each with custom requirements – receive a 15 to 20 percent discount on each location. Locations that only want music are $19.95 each per month. More frequent update schedules are quoted individually. .... AMS has three tiers of partners. Referral partners earn $250 spiff on messaging sales and $150 for music-only sales. Agents that close sales themselves earn the upfront spiffs plus a residual of 15 percent if their volume is less than $30,000, and 20 percent if it’s more. A third tier, a master agent, is billed at a wholesale rate of $9.95 for music-only and $29.95 for messaging. They rebill the customer while AMS still handles the customer service." That last tier might be good for FISPA.

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