Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cbeyond by the Numbers

My customers and readers know that I talk about Cbeyond often. The numbers are out for 1Q2010. Here are the highlights:

1Q2010 revenue of $110.5M, up 12.5% over the 1Q2009;

"Total customers of 51,731 in Cbeyond's 13 operating markets, reflecting net customer additions of 1,528 in the first quarter of 2010";

Average monthly revenue per customer location (ARPU) of $723 -- compared to $727 4Q2009 and $755 1Q2009. "The decline in ARPU from the fourth quarter of 2009 was primarily due to increases in credits and promotional incentives issued to new and existing customers."

Monthly churn is 1.4%; it was 1.5% in 4Q09.

67% gross margin (no idea what goes into that number.

Over 1500 net new clients at $700 per month is healthy.

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