Monday, February 15, 2010

Top 5 Keys to Systems for Referrals

FACT: Significant amounts of referrals do NOT "just happen".

FACT: Referral prospects are the easiest people to sell to and the most time and cost efficient!

You need to make asking for a referral part of the sales process. You must have a system in place for following up on that referral.

Part of the sales process is not just getting the referral, but following up in a timely manner and being prepared to handle objections. (For example, we aren't looking right now or we are under contract still).

FYI, "People will refer things that are new enough to be a find but solid enough to be known by "those in the know"." So if you have a Unique service, a Purple Cow, getting Buzz will be easy.

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What are the keys to a referral system that will work to deliver sales? We will discuss the 5 parts of your system that are needed to make that referral machine work for you.

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What are you using? Refer-a-friend, Agents, Partners, Resellers? The system will work with them all.

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