Friday, February 05, 2010

3 New Services to Offer Clients

Here are 3 new services to offer your clients for additional revenue, stickiness, and a value propsoition*.

Identity Theft Protection. Windstream just announced this service. CreditGuard is the vendor.

Digital Coupons. and other coupon sites make money through affiliate marketing, but more important it drives traffic. VZ just launched digital coupons across 3 screens - FiOS TV, FiOS Internet and VZW. The vendor is CellFire. You could easily add coupons for Sears, grocery stores, etc. to your monthly newsletter to add even more value.

You can add Voice services without a softswitch. There is IVR in the Cloud by both XO and ifbyphone.

Want some extra ideas that are outside the box? Email me (peter at for Outside the Box Thinking.pdf

BTW, Fax over IP has new life. I think once we get HD Voice going with peering and other mechanisms that cut out the PSTN, Fax over IP will also work (better).

*What's a value proposition? The reason that someone should buy from you as opposed to anyone else.

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