Wednesday, January 13, 2010

XO is On-Sale

Usually the headline is XO is for sale, but today XO is just dropping rates to get some sales traction in the new year.

To kick off the New Year, XO Business Services has launched the XO Winter Blowout Sale for the first quarter. For direct and indirect customers looking for some serious savings that will keep them out of the cold, the XO Winter Blowout Sale offers special pricing and offers on many of our best-selling services including XO IP Flex, XO SIP, IP Flex with VPN, MPLS IP-VPN, and PRIs as well as the recently launched XO Enterprise SIP. Contracts must be signed by March 30, 2010. the best choice for a sales agent would of course be RAD-INFO, Inc. at 813-963-5884.

XO Enterprise SIP Promotion

Customers can take advantage of XO Enterprise SIP and have the option to get out of their contract at any time in the first year with no early termination fees when they sign up for a three or five-year term agreement.

XO IP Flex/SIP/IP Flex with VPN + Long Distance Promotion

Customers can get significant savings on the IP Flex, XO SIP or IP Flex with VPN service when they select larger Long Distance packages on a three-year term agreement.

XO MPLS IP-VPN Promotion

Customers can get 25% off loop and port pricing for two and three-year term agreements.

XO Multi-PRI Promotion

When customers buy 3-5, 6-9, or 10 or more PRIs on one service order, they qualify for a price of $275, $250, or $225 for each PRI, respectively, on a three-year term agreement.

XO Connect Promotion

Customers in all markets will be able to take advantage of the special payment plan that makes it easier and more affordable to try XO Connect.

XO Toll-Free Number Promotion

The longer the customer’s contract, the lower the monthly recurring charge is per toll-free number.

XO Conferencing Promotion (coming later in January)

Customers can take advantage of XO Conferencing services with no set-up fees, no monthly commitment and low rates. Keep an eye out for a separate announcement later this month.

XO also has special rates on EOC (Ethernet over Copper). Available at 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 Mbps speeds - up to 11,000 feet from LSO.

lastly, Internet bandwidth -- How much IP do you need because while XO isn't giving it away like HE or Cogent, it's still in your price range (unless the loop is too long!)

FTC Blogger rules demand that I clarify my relationship with XO: I am an agent for XO (and 20 other carriers plus companies like IKANO that can provide you with GMAil and Google Docs for your customers while saving you money). Just call the office at 813-963-5884 or drop me an email.

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