Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cbeyond Wants Fiber Access

Back in 2005, the RBOCs received a gift in a ruling from the FCC: you don't have to share fiber. This was suppose to be the push to get FTTx rollinjg. It worked for VZ. But VZ does allow ISP's to resell its FiOS Internet service at retail rates. It's strictly resale with VZ IP addresses and bandwidth.

With fiber replacing copper in many areas and with Ma Bell petitioning the FCC to neglect the PSTN and let it die (like they aren't neglecting it now?), CLEC's should be worried - or at least planning for a future without copper (8 years from now).

"Cbeyond has the Federal Communications Commission to reverse its rules on wholesale obligations for fiber-to-customer networks." [via Gary Kim's IP Carrier blog]. FCC Docket 09-223: see Cbeyond's petition here. Integra & One COmm; Qwest; VZ; ATT; PAETEC; XO; COMPTEL; Covad; CavTel; the SBA Office of Advocacy; and the ITTA.

Dane asked why they asked for Retail rates. Because there isn't really a pricing argument for CLEC's to get access at retail. There is the whole argument about selling it to competitors at wholesale. But as we have seen with DSL the wholesale rate is about the same (or higher) than the retail rates. So call a spade a spade, and ask for retail rates. But access nonetheless.

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