Wednesday, December 09, 2009

How to Be a Better ISP

ARS has an article titled, How to be the world's greatest ISP.

"Internet Service Providers are a modern day necessity, but that doesn't stop many of us from hating them sometimes. In many nations, broadband providers top the consumer complaint charts. If complaints aren't about delivering the promised speeds, they're about the crappy customer service, billing problems, frequent outages, and the impossibility of switching to another without being cut off from the Internet for months."

"So what would it take to craft a truly "cool" ISP, one that attracted legions of adoring customers who sing its praises to everyone they meet?"

That is the question to ask yourself as you plan for 2010.

I bought the domain in hopes that one of my clients would want to do an ad campaign around it.

High Speed, Extras, Femcells, Data Backup, Hosted Email, wi-fi hotspot access. It's funny because before Wayport was acquired by ATT, I tried to do a deal with Wayport for ISP's to get access - and only 5 thought it was interesting. (Most common answer: My customers don't travel. My answer: Yeah. Because you know your clients so well.)

Yesterday I was at Tech Data talking with the VP of their Cisco Channel. They do some heavy data mining. It made me smile, because I ask my clients what verticals are in their customer base and everyone tells me some vague answer. If you did look at your data, you could market a specially designed bundle to a target audience that would be highly receptive.

Just some thoughts for 2010.

BTW, Bill sent me this website, - Goals setting made simple.

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