Tuesday, November 03, 2009

One Reseller Down

Phone+ is reporting that transit/transport reseller WBS Connect was bought by GTT. Yeah, I know. Who is GTT? Pink sheet company. Apparently, with only $28M in revenue and 900 customers it was a deal for GTT who is issuing stock over six months, paying in seller notes, some cash and assuming debts.

Maybe if WBS Connect was undercutting every deal I saw in 2009, they woulod have had more revenue. Anyway, good luck Scott!

I wonder what happens to PrimaCloud, the cloud product out of WBS. Also, what happens to the video conferencing H.264 exchange that WBS was touting in 1Q09.

From Phone+, GTT wanted the revenue, the 900 customers, and the Channel network. Here's the funny thing about both the Nuvox and WBS Channel: they both can only sell on price, so you are taking over a bunch of order-takers. You could replace that with an online tool.

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