Thursday, October 29, 2009

Simple Bundles by Qwest

One thing discussed on the panel at Broadsoft was that Bundles need to be targeted at a market segment.

The other key is that for small business, you have to take away all the tech. Make it simple.

Qwest announced a simple small business bundle today. When Qwest surveyed its small business marketplace, "Qwest asked small-business owners what they thought about the IT and communication services they use and it heard the same answer again and again: “It’s complicated.”"

"Qwest is tackling the issue with something called the Core Connect bundle, tailored for small businesses, that lives up to its name. The bundle offers core connectivity needs, including high-speed Internet, phone, business e-mail and a business Web site, out of the box."

The Qwest Core Connect Solution includes:

  • Phone service with up to 15 calling features
  • Unlimited local and nationwide long-distance calls
  • Several choices of high-speed Internet connection speeds, up to 20mbps (12mbps and 20 mbps speed tiers are available only in select areas)
  • 5GB of Web hosting storage
  • Access to Web design templates
  • Up to a 10-page Web site, including search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Custom e-mail that employees can access from anywhere they have Internet access
  • Domain name and registration with Microsoft Exchange e-mail activation
  • 24/7 technical support

I don't get the SEO part because that's not something you "add on" but the rest is the same simple bundle the RBOC's have used for a long time. Go figure. What does your small business bundle look like?

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