Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not a Good Year for VoIP Stock

FusionTel delisted themselves this year. They are doing about $8M per quarter (approx. $32M per year) with a market cap of $11M.

8x8 which owns Packet8 - that is now sold in retail stores - is having a bad year. In their last 10-Q SEC filing (quarterly report), it shows that quarterly revenue is down from $16M to $15M, and cash flow is negative. The funny is that 8x8 has a market cap of $74M with about $60M in annual revenue -- while XO has a market cap of $117M and revenue at $1B.

Vonage market cap: $250M. Vonage is also bringing in $220M per quarter in revenue and $2.5M in income. WOW!

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