Friday, October 02, 2009


On top of many sessions from AT&T about their ever increasing catalog of services, the FISPA meeting in Atlanta has had some great content. Sales and Marketing from me. How to sell VoIP. How does VoIP work.

Now, I'm sitting in Kevin Hunt's technical training on BGP and other technical issues. Most of it is too technical for me. But here's what I got:

Slash 30 (/30) is the smallest address space. That is used for P2P circuit. = 2 usable IP addresses

Multi-Home your network, because it makes you Redundant AND you can get your own IP Address space from ARIN (your own AS number).

Are you IPv6 ready? ARIN is almost out of IP Addresses. Once BTOP money hits, it should go even faster.

BTW, if you need to hire a Cisco CCIE, Kevin is available for consulting.

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