Monday, September 14, 2009


At FISPA meetings, we have sessions called CLEC Therapy about how a CLEC strategy can help an ISP survive and thrive. Here's a case study for you.

Sonic.Net in California has a mission to provide the fastest, cheapest Internet pipe to businesses, consumers and ISP's. They wholesale their network to other ISP's in California. Sonic.Net has a wholesale DSL agreement with AT&T, but it has been building out Central Offices for over a year. It is now offering their Fusion brand of Bonded ADSL2+. The sizes are below:

  • 3Mbps/2Mbps: 11,100ft (2.1 miles)
  • 6Mbps/2Mbps: 9,500ft
  • 12Mbps/2Mbps: 8,000ft
  • 18Mbps/2Mbps: 6,600ft
  • 30Mbps/2Mbps: 5,000ft

Of course, the big deal is the 30 x 2. Granted, the reach is only 5000 feet from the DSLAM, but in that geography you are offering WAY more than the ILEC!

By using G.SHDSL gear you can extend that offering out to 18,000 feet with 5.7MB Symmetric G.SHDSL via Hatteras - bond up to 8 pair together. Zhone, ADTRAN and others have similar gear. There's also VDSL2 gear coming out to give you Huge Pipe Offerings within 18,000 feet (3 miles) from the CO. That's a 6 mile radius around the CO.

BTW, for you geeks out there that want the specs for G.SHDSL and VDSL including modulation, ITU specs, etc. read this IEEE PDF. It's about copper as the facility for EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile).

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