Monday, August 17, 2009

Big Boys and Stimulus Money

Many reports are saying that the Incumbents in cable and telco will not be chasing Broadband Stimulus money. Telephony writes:

"It’s not surprising to learn that a number of large incumbents — AT&T, Comcast, Qwest Communications and Time Warner Cable — have all said they will not apply for stimulus funding, however, given that there is a great likelihood that any broadband networks built with federal dollars will be open access networks. Incumbents prefer to control the networks they build and to offer their own content — as both AT&T and Verizon have done with their fiber access buildouts."

Those pesky open access requirements. Worse is the accurate accounting. Also, this money can't be used for any pre-planned projects. More money for a surprise winner.

BTW, in other BB news:

The FCC has named a team of senior technologists who will help lead the effort by the Federal Communications Commission to develop a National Broadband Plan.

Dr. Carlos Kirjner has been named Senior Advisor to the Chairman on Broadband, according to FCC Daily.

Alex Goldman is leaving in the coming weeks to become a freelance broadband stimulus grant writer sometime between Aug. 31 and September 15. Contact him at agoldmanster at gmail

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