Wednesday, July 01, 2009

BTOP Broadband Stimulus update

Following up on the BTOP / Broadband Stimulus from the earlier post, here's more info:

BTOP Funding Criteria, Definitions, and Comments

USDA Releases Broadband Guidelines

From Stimulating Broadband blog: "In defining the "Strategy" of the $2.5 billion broadband program to be administered by RUS, the document states, "RUS will offer grants, direct loans and loan / grant combo."" [Scribd PDF]

Dave Burnstein provided good advice on how you should be quantifying the jobs you'll create with your plan. Also, Get involved in community outreach programs, such as training partnerships with community colleges and libraries.

DSL Prime's David Burstein shares the newest updates on what you should be including in your application in order to get noticed. [Podcast]

Review guidelines for NTIA and RUS applications

8 Points for Understanding Today's Broadband Stimulus Regulations

My advice: If you don't have a CPA and bookkeeper now, don't try for the money. You have to track it carefully or go to jail. In most cases, the money is for assets only, not for laber or OPEX (operating expenses). If you don't understand how to break out CAPEX and OPEX in GAAP accounting, get a CPA who can because spending funds on lawyers to explain it all will stink.

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