Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Marketing in a Nutshell - FISPA June 2009

I will be in Nashville next week (June 24-25) to moderate a couple of CLEC Therapy sessions. I will also be presenting Marketing in a Nutshell. Here's the slide deck.

What's different about this one is that I have embedded two ads in it. One about the Newsletter Marketing package that we offer. And another about Hiring a CMO or Marketing Advisor to help you with your marketing.

RAD-INFO, Inc. will be taking on just 4 clients as a Marketing Advisor this year. What do you get?

  • You get access to past and future tele-seminars.
  • Find out what other superstars are doing that is working – and implement something similar in your market!
  • Training for your sales team.
  • Planning for marketing events or design of your campaigns.
  • Dissect what you are doing to tweak it for improvement.
  • You get RAD-INFO, Inc. for 5 hours per month for just $1000 per month

Limited to just 4 clients!

Call 813-963-5884 today to be one of the 4!

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